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Saturday 20 Nov & Sunday 21 Nov 2004

Fabiano Fantini and Rita Maffei in TRACES OF A SACRIFICE (Tracce di un Sacrificio)

IPF Selected Plays & International selections
by Heather Taylor  IPF Commended
Surface revolves around Amy, Jay and Tom who all have a pretend sense of the ties that bind siblings together, their lives being blank and hopeless. They are only able to look back at their childhood, a time full of secrets. Hiding behind a misplaced façade, they lie to each other and to the other people in their lives. Surface is a absorbing and challenging piece of theatre.
THE BLUE BUS (TO LEOFORIO BLE) by Xenia Orphanides
presented by Theatro Ena presented in English and Greek
, directed by Andreas Christodoulides, performed in English
Sarah and Emelda are creating a piece of music centered upon a divorced woman
and her ill child. The woman’s only hope is The Blue Bus that will take her away to her dreams.
As her story unfolds, so does the story between Emelda and Sarah.
RON'S PIG PALACE ON WHEELS  by Jennifer Tuckett   IPF Commended
Ron runs a novelty performing pig act which he tours around the country. In one particular village, he stays in a B&B with landlady, Rosy Cheeks and her partner Steven Chips, and is accosted by Sarah Chive, a journalist who prints vicious rumours that the pigs are a danger to the village.  Ron's Pig Palace on Wheels is a charming poetic comedy full of topical overtones and dark humour.
SMILE BLOODY SMILE by Andrew Heath IPF Selected
Martha is a pensioner trapped by her lack of mobility and dependent on her daughter Lucy for the daily household chores. Unable to cope, Lucy hires Nicky as a cleaner. Martha, however, persuades the eccentric Nicky to take her out of the house with an offer she can't refuse.
Smile Bloody Smile is a hilarious tragi-comedy with sharp witty dialogue highlighting the pressures of taking care of loved ones.
WEATHER by Gary Baxter IPF Selected
Through conversations and recollections, an elderly couple reflect upon mortality and past relationships. When one becomes frustrated with the realities of ageing, a series of flashbacks brings life back into perspective. Weather is a brilliantly thought out play that challenges you to take a journey that will be familiar and strange at the same time.
TRACES OF A SACRIFICE (Tracce di un Sacrificio)
by and starring Fabiano Fantini and Rita Maffei

Performed in Italian & English, presented in partnership with Premio Candoni
and supported by the Italian Cultural Institute

The re-telling of the tragedy of Alcestis, set in a concentration camp, in the present time. Thanatos, the camp commander decides on the life and death of his prisoners. Admeto is condemned to death. A tall and handsome man, (do you remember Oskar Schindler?) intercedes with Thanatos to save Admeto's life. He accepts but someone else must die in Admeto's place. Alcestis, his wife, chooses to sacrifice her life for him, but unlike in Euripides' play there is no happy ending.
HAPPY TALK  by Charlie Moore  IPF Commended
Stella, who suffers from ME, is visited by her cousin Joyce, a nurse. Impatient with Stella's ranting and bickering, Joyce threatens to leave but is stopped when Stella promises to leave her everything in her will. However, Stella has ulterior motives for wanting her to stay.
Happy Talk introduces us to two distinct women and is filled with black humour.
SOMEPLACE ELSE by Imola Zsitva   IPF Selected
Iren, a devout Catholic living in Budapest looks back on her life and the choices that she has made. Supported by her husband, the central themes of ageing, passing time and looking back are explored, at times playfully and humorously through three generations of women.
Touching with beautifully rounded characters, Someplace Else is a poignant tale of regret, missed opportunity and hope.

Simon Anderson  - Actor/Producer   Evita Bier - Administrative Director WTC   Ted Craig - Artistic Director WTC 
Souad Faress - Actor   Juliet Love - Book Editor    Rebecca McCutcheon  - Director Angels in the Architecture Theatre Company
Will Mortimer - Director    Paul Sinclair  Retired Director of Spotlight 
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett  - Student (Central School of Speech & Drama)  Zoë Waterman - Student (MFA in Directing at Birbeck College) 
Jan Waters - Actor     Josephine Welcome - Actor