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Saturday 19 November and Sunday 20 November
Over 500 plays were received from the USA, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Croatia,
Ireland, Turkey, France, Spain, Bulgaria and Uganda,and from all over the UK.

Excerpts from the three selected plays were performed:
The Road from Kowloon Park
by Michael Stirling (UK)
by Elspeth Sandys (UK/New Zealand)

The Passport  by Pierre Bourgeade (France)

Production of THE PASSPORT October 2006 by Theatro Ena Nicosia Cyprus

Extracts from four other shortlisted plays were shown in 'Shortlist Snapshots' :
Bright Angel Point
by Jane Collins (UK), Shakespeare with Fries by Peter Burnett (UK)
Confessions of a Very Old Man Who Knows by Maja Milanovic (Croatia/Serbia/USA)
Extreme Corners
by Gary Baxendale (UK) 
Also the best in new Italian playwriting
in association with Premio Candoni-Arta Terme,
now called
Extra Candoni, to reflect the imput of other Italian new writing companies,
and the best in new Greek playwriting in association with
Theatro Ena.
also showcased selected work from the Warehouse Writers' Workshop
and new writing talent of the BRIT School
with the winning play from their performance project Strawberry Picking